'Walk Through' Acrylic, Metallic, Multimedia on Canvas, Triptych 20x48x1" 2016

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Walk Through…. Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness... the door is open and unlocked... just walk through it.  -Dr. Steve Maroboli

This multi-media, acrylic triptych has three 20x16” canvases connect together with hinges that are accented with antique copper. Raw umber is used to create a frame that surrounds the mahogany backdrop. In the outer two diagonal corners, gears are stenciled by layering the deep base color with metallic paint of ornate and antique gold in which a single human shaped tree sways. Her umber body is highlighted with mahogany and metallic paints. On the base of the tree is a metal heart shaped lock. This is a signature of the artist showing you that your key to happiness can only be used by you. The wisdom of antique gold also adorns the metal corner pieces which provide a sense of protection. Ornaments of this prudent gold as well as empowering silver and the sensuality of copper take form with metal flowers, gears, clocks and keys. These embellishments are hand sewn to each panel and fastened with a sealing glue to secure the work. The gears represent the work it takes to begin your journey. The keys are to show us that we hold the ability to open our own opportunities.  Clocks are to remind us to be aware of how precious and short time is and the flowers are for us to remember that with our growth is beauty. –Kym Loc

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