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Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. –J.K. Rowling

A paver stone was painted with a polycrylic sealant to create a base for a circular sunset. The sunset was created by painting a yellow center and then blending the yellow into orange then into a red. The red blends into purple, then blue and finally a green which surrounds the base of the trunks of two trees. These two tree silhouettes flow with each other and their branches reach the stones edge yet creates a welcoming scene. The painting comes with the easel and gives an encouraging essence of brightness is added to any room where this is displayed.

This piece was created to show and encourage the Veterans I teach during my art class to find beauty in everything they see and to encourage them to realize that the hard, "rock bottom" place is the perfect place to start building from.

 I teach #KymsArtClass at our local Veterans Administration. This was the first class I taught and loved the variety of people and talents that participated. I took this paver stone from my front yard, put a base coat on it and created the background as well as the tree, from left over latex house paint. I used products that anyone can easily access, to motivate creativity and to use art to heal. #InspireSomeoneInspireYourself –Kym Loc

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