'My Life'

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Foundation… A strong woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.  -unknown

The background of this vertical 48x30” acrylic painting has the wisdom of antique gold and copper that a highlight the unconscious beauty of its auburn base color. The gold and copper paint also tempers an ebony frame that harbors the essence of strength from an unaccompanied tree. Three pronged metal plates wrap around each corner of the canvas to embellish and provided protection. On the bottom front two corners, gears embrace small clock hands to remind us to keep looking forward. In the middle of the bottom edge, gears also surround a heart shaped lock. This artist signature accent, represents the determination it took to decipher the love in the artist's heart. The solitary, yet elegant arbors show the dignity it takes for all generations to succeed. The enduring branches reveal delicate metal flora as well in subtle paper like flowers representing elegant fortitude. The strength of the metallic gears surround small locks that serve as a reminder that we have an internal key to control whatever may come our way. –Kym Loc

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My Life

Thanks to the people who walked

Into my life and made it better.

And thanks to the ones who walked out

Of my life and made it amazing.


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