'Locked Soul'

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Holding on to negative feelings and past circumstances is like placing a lock on your soul. –unknown

This 24x12” acrylic painting evokes being in control with the layering of two shades of metallic gold on top of a base of ochre yellow. The edges are painted with layers of gold and brown providing a frame of strength and stability.  The same metallic gold paints highlight the solitary tree and delicate branches, creating the ambience of value and wisdom. The branches are decorated with metal gears, keys and roses. The roses show you the beautiful strength it takes to start your journey, the gears represent the work it takes to let go and start new and the keys are to remind you that you have the ability to unlock and set free your soul. On the base of the tree is a signature of the artist, a metal heart shaped lock, showing you that your key to happiness can only be used by you. -Kym Loc

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