'I See You'

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You come to love, not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. -Sam Keen

Steel blue paint highlighted with antique and bright silver, covers this 24x24” canvas. Iron grey, pure black and layers of silver paint are used to create a frame, slightly blending with each other to give an ambience strength and loyalty. Antique silver colored metal plates wrap around each corner providing protection and ornamentation. Among this frame, the bottom two corners are decorated with the same embellishments as the branches. Harbored within this frame, the ring of a silver moon encircles two human shaped trees, bending as if they are bowing to each other.  The moon highlights their bodies with metallic silver and blue. Their roots cross and their branches respectfully entangle with one another. The branches are decorated with metal flowers to remind you how beautiful your true self is. Metal gears are representations of the fortitude it takes to be truly seen. There is one small lock and one small key to show you the control you possess. Clock hands call attention to the time wasted caring what others think. One eye is hidden to remind you to always look at your soul and to see the soul of others. Among the roots of the tree, is a metal heart shaped lock which is a signature of the artist, showing you that your key to happiness can be used by you and only you. –Kym Loc 

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