'Forged' Acrylic, Metallic on Canvas 24x24x1" 2014

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Forged…. Some people come into our lives and forge such an impression on our heart and soul that we are changed forever. –unknown

A mix of metallic acrylics are diffused together to forge a rousing background that fully covers this 24x24” canvas. This obscure mix of sensual copper, rustic and bright gold and dark ebony creates a marbled background that surprisingly adds not just an essence of strength, but also of comfort. A golden new moon peaks out from the chaos to enlighten two human like weeping willows. These two onyx trees are dusted with a relic of gold reminding us that our surrounding affect us. They entangle with each other forging a notable bond reminding us of the people who have come into our lives, no matter how long they stay, and leave an impression of appreciation. –Kym Loc


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