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(Excerpt from Kym's blog, "Community") Reactions like these are what humbly inspires me to continue creating what I love and compels me to continue sharing my work with this amazing community. -Kym Loc

The colors used to make this 24x36” painting, blend together to create a lustrous rainbow sunset. The paint used  create a kaleidoscope sky is  much like the diversity of the community we live in, which change hues when it is illuminated from different directions. A variety of people's beliefs add a collective curiosity to create a diverse palette of appreciation, while the same moral fiber that runs through us all, bringing us closer in a mutual understanding of humanity. This prismatic sunset provides a colorful backdrop for two intertwining trees which are highlighted by the same changing colors that surround them. A labyrinth of branches coil around the sun with four sets of rays that arise from the celestial star. They represent the Zia Pueblo’s sacred circle of life. The group of rays extending to the left of the sun serve as the four times of day. The four seasons are represented at the top and the four stages of life are embodied on the right. The bottom four rays illustrate the four directions. Every living soul endures this circle of life, making us realize we are not that different from each other and with that awareness we should create a community of congeniality. –Kym Loc

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