'Be Brave'

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Loving ourselves through the process of owning our own story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do. –Brene’ Brown

This 36 by 36 inch acrylic triptych humbly evokes courage with the layering of two shades of metallic gold on top of a base of ochre yellow. The edges are painted with layers of gold and brown providing a frame of stability and warmth. Each 36 by 12 inch panel is connected by four hinges which could transform this piece into a corner screen. The same metallic gold paint highlights the tree and branches creating the ambience of value and wisdom. Each branch is embellished with metal flowers, gears, birdcages and bird skulls. These embellishments are hand sewn to each panel and secured with a sealing glue to secure the work. The gears represent the work it takes to begin your journey. The skulls are the lessons life has taught you in the past. The bird cages are to remind you that you are no longer captured and the flowers represent the beautiful strength it takes to own our own story. –Kym Loc


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