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How far you can go in life is yet to be seen. Don't let other people's  limited beliefs about what's possible diminish you potential.

-Kevin Ngo

The essence of this 48x60” acrylic painting will add a feeling of majestic strength to any room in which it is displayed. Peaking from the valleys of the coffee colored mountains is a kaleidoscope sunrise that melts into a royal blue sky that reminds you that you have no limits to your expansive potential. The innocent white clouds that billow across the sky, seems to leave a dusting of mist at the base of the mountains.  A lush, green foreground spills from the sierra and surrounds the earth tone rocks which create a foundation for the roots of an unaccompanied topiary. It seems as if the tree is bursting through the earth to escape through a passage way from another world of limitations. The sunrise highlights the womanly figure on the dark brown tree as she stands with confidence. Her branches show growth with small buds that peek from the branches creating a renewal of faith and determination reminding us to look forward and to create the future we want. –Kym Loc

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