Paintings of Trees | Kym Loc Desins Albuquerque, New Mexico


'Roam' Acrylic, Multimedia on Studded Linen 16x20x1" 2016
Roam * May love and laughter light your
days,* And warm your heart and home.* May good and faithful friends be
yours* Wherever you may roam.*

-Irish Proverb
195.00 195.0 USD
'Simply' Acrylic Neon on Studded Canvas 5x7x2" 2016
Simply Don’t let someone dim your light, Simply because it’s Shining in their eyes.

80.00 80.0 USD
'Self' Acrylic on Studded Canvas 6x6x2" 2016
Self Your greatest self has been waiting
Your whole life, Don’t make it wait any longer.

-Dr. Steve Maraboli
100.00 100.0 USD