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"My Self Awakening Journey"

One thing I have noticed when you accept yourself and go after your passion, is that people will notice your happiness, that internal satisfaction that seems to make others envious, knowing you have something that they long for. These people will try to ambush your peace, your happiness. If you choose to allow them to do so, you are really just ambushing yourselves. This lesson was hard for me to learn. I cared what others thought, yearned for their approval. But I soon realized other people's approval was putting obstacles in the path of my self discovery. All that their disapproval was doing, was burying me in self-doubt. I learned to take these obstacles and build the foundation of acceptance, not only acceptance of myself, but also of others. I started to understand quality over quantity was what I needed in my life. Because I now value the quality of the relationships that I have, I also value myself. So I encourage you not to dwell on the past but to use those obstacles to build your foundation of value and acceptance. 

Kym Loc                                                 July 7, 2016



'Foundation' Acrylic, Metallic, Multimedia on Canvas 48x30x2" 2016

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