We had such an amazing time at my Website Launch Party! I took the opportunity to cover the walls with my original paintings and had a black light room to show my neon pieces. We had amazing feast, rockin' music from Ken Carpenter and the Nailers, lots of fun and a plethora of door prizes. A huge thanks to all of you who contributed: 

Luis Hernandez Jr. and Ben Maes of the ABQWest Chamber of Commerce, Kevin McMenemy and Matt Bennett-Martinez of Boulder Rogue Digital, Barry Peven of Nice2FeedU Catering, Steven Becerra of The Becerra Group, Brian Stinar of Noventum Custom Software, Bob & Sophia Guido of Jan-Pro of NM, David Desmond of Growstone, Barbara Rivera of Con Mucho Gusto Travel, Greg Converse of Bumblebee Printing, Jenn Katz of Hi-Def Graphics, Neal McDonnell of Sagedread Designs, Ken Carpenter and the Nailers (kencarpenter.us)


A special thanks to the Abq West Chamber of Commerce. It's always a blast when Louis Hernandez is there runnung contests for the door prizes. A 1 year membership to the Chamber was next and I was happy to 'twist' my heart out to win. Thank you again to Abq West and Louis!Kym Loc Designs | Custom Acrylic Paintings on Canvas ABQ, NM


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Congratulations to the Space-Port-Pros at IDSP on their Ribbon Cutting!  It was, and continues to be an honor to work with these gentlemen. I have said it before, these guys have as much passion for what they do, as I do for my artwork.


I enjoyed working with all the guys at IDSP, but I mainly with Bob who offered designs that improved my site beyond my expectations.   I am still learning how to work all aspects of my site including all the back end part of it. It has everything I need to successfully run my business. I am excited to have such an amazing tool to be able to share my passion and encourage people to discover their true self and discover their inner strength to win at any lessons life throws their way. 



Kym Loc Designs | Custom Acrylic Paintings on Canvas ABQ, NM
Kym Loc Designs | Custom Acrylic Artwork | ABQ, NM

It was an honor to paint this custom piece for the guys at the Inter-Dimensional Space Port. They went above and beyond all my expectations.


Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful,

The planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds

 And their feet on the ground. Let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave

 This world better than when you found it.


Kym Loc, Acrylic, glitter,  metallic on canvas. 30x40x1”  July 1, 201

My gracious appreciation is not enough to express how you all have blessed me.
 I am honored to be in your world and am thankful that you are in mine. 

-Kym Loc



I have more event articles (Keep up with Kym) and blogs about my paintings and the inspirations behind them (Beyond the Brush). Your comments and stories keep me inspired. I'd be honored if you'd comment below and please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button.... it's as simple as entering your email.

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