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    So do you guys remember this picture? For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook I posted this picture stating that it was stolen from our yard and I just wish that the holiday spirit was true to all...

      I pulled the car out of the driveway and parked it in front of my mother in law's house. Now she lives next door and my husband and I were getting ready to take her to the store. A strange car went past, turned around, done a U-turn in the middle of the road and parked right behind us. A young man, I will call "G", maybe about 25 years old, got out of his car with a very solemn look on his face. He introduced himself to me my husband and asked if this is where we lived as he pointed to our house. My husband answered 'yes'. Then G's voice started to crack. He said I have something to tell you. As he spoke to my husband, he struggled to look him in the eye. "I'm sure that you have noticed around Christmas time you started missing some things. My husband nodded and was thinking that maybe G knew who stole it. As G fought back tears, and explained that he is the one who stole our Holiday decorations. He explained he struggled with addiction to heroin and some other challenges, but he wants to change his life and this is one of the steps to do so. He has two daughters that he wants to live a clean and strong life for. 




Now, my husband has self-proclaimed that he has been to Hell and has made it back and told this young man he understood what he is going through. G seemed relieved to know he was not alone so they talked back and forth about lessons that life has & will challenge him with. I listened with hope and admiration for both my husband, who has led an amazing journey, and for this young man who humbled himself and came and apologized to us. We have all had that apology given to us that meant nothing, but when G expressed his shame, you could see and feel his true shame. He offered to work off his debt and apologized again.

 My husband and I have a handyman service called Handy Hubby, so to encourage his change in his life, I asked him if he had a job. He said he has been going to school but he hasn't been working. My husband handed him a business card and offered to give him some work. On our cards we have these words; 'Truth, Honor, Respect, Integrity'... perfect for this situation.  I hugged G and encouraged him to be strong on his healing journey and to always remember to try to live his life following this motto:*"Walk in TRUTH, Act with HONOR, Show RESPECT, Be known for your INTEGRITY." He sighed with a deep breath, as if my words resonated in the depths of his soul. He shook or hands, with tears in his eyes, got in his car and left.

     I have always said that there is a reason for everything. We may go through our whole life with not understanding why we have struggled with some things, and then some reasons come to you. 

     I wish this young man lots of strength and determination to live the life he and his daughters deserve.

*Motto by Gary Owens of Shorindokai Karate


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