I actually didn't realize this until recently. My life changing journey started the end of 2006. Even though I chose to, it was a necessary and completely new path I had to take, but when I started, I began without a compass. It was there, at the beginning of my journey, where I started, unknowingly, to gain my strength, finding my way, looking internally, learning to forgive and love myself. It was my 'Self Awakening' journey that has brought me to where I am today. I could, and maybe will tell some lessons that I learned, but here is the main one: After four years of 'lessons', which are really just mistakes that you understand after the fact, a co-worker encouraged me to put down the drawbridge of the walls around my heart and "just go for coffee". In order not to lose  the person I was becoming and to maintain control, ok.... in order to keep the opportunity to run, I chose to cross the bridge myself and went out to meet someone. After a couple of dates, I started to look at myself differently, more wholly. Not to get all mushy gushy, but I learned what self-respect is, respect for someone who has respect of them self, me as an individual, and us as a couple. I also learned what unconditional love is. My self growth was encouraged with words of praise. My imperfections and mistakes were met with support instead of criticism, never trying to change who I was but supporting who I was becoming. Because I know now what unconditional love is, I can give it as well as receive it. Even though we are one, each of us give100% and never stop trying to impress each other. Besides to always flirt with your spouse, some advice I still practice, is to look at those things that made you fall in love with that person to begin with. When you do this, those things will keep growing....

So with the support that I receive, I am now strong enough to give back. I know that I am a woman of strength. My wish is for my art, my paintings, to send you the same message...life is not perfect, but you DO have the strength to conquer anything and you will find more strength on the way, strength to go on that 'Self Awakening' journey to discover your true, beautiful, amazing self.

Kym Loc
June 9, 2016
Odoo image and text block

This picture was taken before I had a phone with a good camera but it is priceless to me. This is the day that I saw myself through the eyes of my best friend, my lover, my everything. This is the day I knew what true love was and that is what I felt for my man. 5/2010



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