You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words; well the story or purpose that those words leads you to, is a path of eye opening understanding, not only to the artwork but into the artist.

-Kym Loc

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The SALUTE exhibition consists of Veteran and Military personnel, including yours truly. We all took the honor of applying to Algodones Gallery for this exhibition in which an awesome variety of works were gathered, including photography, sculptures, paintings, drawings and even an Austrian choreographer and dancer duo.

Collectors, artists, enthusiasts, friends and family all gathered for the opening reception yesterday where food, drink and conversation were plentiful. I had the opportunity to again tour this huge gallery, meet some interesting people, admire some artists and their great works of art and share some insight behind my artworks purpose. These artworks will be showing until the end of November and the gallery is open 7 days a week for your convenience.

This gallery, just outside of Albuquerque, kind of in an unusual place, is a hidden treasure; The Algodones Gallery has a massive walk through grounds that has many sculptures in a variety of medias. Artists from all over the country come to this gallery to create their work.  There is also a large indoor space that I am honored to be currently showing. The SALUTE exhibition will be available until the end of November 2018.

A huge thanks to Martin, the gallery owner, BJ, the events coordinator and Don Johnson for being our juror. I’m sure there were many people that helped put on this amazing project, so my apologies to those un-named, but a huge thanks to you too.

{----- As always, thanks to my hubby for always capturing my goofiness. I painted my dress so now I'm a living piece of artwork. I am so lucky to have such amazing support. Thanks Neto. IMTLY!  Want something painted for you? Just contact me.

This GIF is shot through one of many of George Herman SalaS sculptures. Visit Algadones Gallery to see more.


Photographed by a photographer

There was such a variety of talents at the show and it was an honor to be photographed by Jeffery Grenier wonderful photography artist.

Dolphin Journey

Nora Heiss and Emmaly Wiederholt  preformed this dance  to a musical piece by David Hudson, an Australian Aboriginal and master didgeridoo player. In Aboriginal culture the dolphins often represent the qualities of harmony, balance, playfulness and joy. Nora Heiss, who is also the choreographer and co founder of Veterans On Demand, said it is these qualities in David Hudson's beautiful music that inspired the dance "Dolphin Journey"

 Also, look for her next show, "The Telling Project" which veterans tell their stories of active duty.

Across the Arts

In 2012, I was asked to create a series of works to have shown in the background of the ballet, 'La Pasion' shown at the Kimo Theratre in Albuquerque NM. (Choreographer, Loren Fletcher). This experience has lead to many other opportunities to collaborate with a variety of other art genres including the honor of working with Mary Jane Monroe. 'Body projections' of works of art were featured on nude models creating living art from 2 dimensional pieces. Mary Jane is the featured model on the bottom right.(Sierra McEachren  is featured top right.) 

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