'Three Faces'

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The Japanese say you have 3 faces. The 1st face you show to the world. The 2nd face you show to your friends and family. The 3rd face you never show to anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. -unknown 

On this considerable 60 by 48" canvas, auburn acrylic paint unites with a velvety white to create an alluring backdrop for a triplet of trees. The intertwining of these trees, represents our inner conflictions.  They are created by using a base of dark brown, then layering the same auburn and white as to create texture. At the base of this cluster of trees, one trunk separates into our three trunks that grow into our 'faces' where they are crowned with deep auburn. A gold moon peeks from behind the trees, highlighting the tops of the foliage just enough to tickle them with gold. Painted on the left lower corner is a Japanese symbol meaning "Three Faces". It is to remind us to live in harmony within ourselves. –Kym Loc

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