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Never regret a day in your life: Good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience, worse days give you lessons and the best days give you memories. -Unknown

Seven canvases are hinged together to create this elongated 28x4" painting. Each canvas is fully covered with color changing paint. Each panel changes color with a different shift in light and is a representation of the energy that each of us possess.  The top panel of violet is a representation of your spiritual connection to the world and shifts into an indigo.  The next canvas is painted indigo to represent your imagination. This indigo color changes into silver.  The blue panel below, which shifts into a purple, is to reminder you have the ability for self-expression. Green is for the compassion you possess for all living things. This green flashes highlights of gold when light reflects in a different way.  The next is yellow. It is a very rewarding energy because it is the freedom to be yourself. This too, is highlighted with a gold tinge.  The peach changing orange represents your hunger and ability to be creative. Red is the determination to survive and shifts into a pink. A solitary shadow of a human stands in oneness with all energies with a light essence of changing color painted on her to bring all together.  A swirl of gold paint connects all panels and brings together the four gold metal corner brackets which provide protection. A gold colored chain is connected on the top to use for hanging and a tassel hangs from the bottom. It is created with 7 chains and is adorned with three pendants. One of the pendants is a lotus flower representing the purity you are born with. One is the third eye which sees all things.   And the third is the hand of Buddha, holding it all together.   The energy given off by this painting will bring peace to wherever it is presented. –Kym Loc


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