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Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove women can do what men can do, that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do. They were created to do everything a man cannot do.”  -unknown

The refreshing evening sky on this 24x48” acrylic painting is created by blending a frosty aqua and a warming yellow into a cooling white. A pearly white moon is highlighted with a royal purple that seems to bounce of the far off mountains, just enough to lightly outline them. The fore ground is a muddle of autumn colors to give the essence of fallen leaves.  Standing strong among this chromatic carpet is an inclusive tree, reaching with her branches, showing her vigor and character.  Five humanly shaped branches represent five necessary qualities.  Knowledge cannot be taken away from us, so *intelligence*
is one of these branches. The compassion it takes to have empathy for another
human being is also an amazing quality, so *compassion*
is another branch. *Integrity* is
another, doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Understanding what
respect really is, weather it is for another, or for yourself, is a necessary
quality of becoming who you are. *Respect*
is another branch.  To carry oneself with
appreciation of worthiness is dignity. *Dignity*
is the fifth branch. The trunk has a kaleidoscope of strong colors that gives a
firm foundation, showing the *strength*
it takes for a person to develop these many qualities of self.  –Kym Loc

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* Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave... even if you stumble a little on your way out the door. -Mandy Hale *
The changing color paint on this 12 by 36" painting wraps all the way around the Edges of this canvas.  Only using two colors to create this piece, the artist painted the left half ebony black. It almost magically turns gold when you pass by. The right half is lavishly engulfed with a Royal purple that maintains its elegance when it transforms into blue. Using the same colors as the background solitary trees seems to sway with the motion of the color changing paint. The roots hold strong while the branches reach out in both directions almost reaching the edges. The branches are lightly decorated with small painted flowers of the same color.  These flowers represent the elegance it takes to stand up after you stumble. -Kym Loc

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* People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used. -unknown *

The diffusion of the acrylic and metallic paint on this 30 by
24 inch canvas creates a chaotic sophistication of colors. The wisdom of the
royal blue is scattered among the tranquility of the metallic turquoise. The
purity of the white balances out the industrial metallic pewter and to
highlight this prismatic sea of blues is the gracefulness of the ornate
silver.  The elegant moon is nestled in the kaleidoscope sea and is also
created with the same bright silver. The Virgin white trees stand out from the
labyrinth of the marbled background. They tangle with each other to evoke a
feeling of security and faith. The tenacious roots disappear into safe pools of
white that disseminate into the kaleidoscope background. The essence of this
piece creates the feeling of determination in this chaotic world we live in.
–Kym Loc

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If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. -Booker T. Washington

They say it feels better to give than receive. This is definitely true but when you receive as well as give in collaboration, amazing things happen.There are a few hidden meanings in this 30x24” acrylic, multi-media painting. The one that is not hidden, are the delicate crocheted flowers, that surely shows the makers nature, are made by a local crafts woman, Earlette Mays, owner of Pink Flamingo NM. One hidden meaning is that Earlette’s favorite colors are used to make the tall tree, where the colors and metal ornamentation in the other tree represent the artist. These colors are beautiful by themselves but together they complement the other’s personality. Booker T Washington says it best, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” –Kym Loc
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*The greatest good you can do for another, is not to share your riches but to reveal to him his own. -Benjamin Disaeli *
The warm colors on the background of this 30x24" acrylic painting adds to the essence of comfort portrayed both two humanly shaped trees that embrace and entangle each other to create an amazing network of branches and roots. This network reveals a message, both in the branches and roots. Hidden in the light, but enlightened and glowing in the dark, is a word that 'reveals' itself. This network of branches is a subtle reminder to keep yourself grounded while on your path of discovery. On this journey, whether by yourself or with another,  you will discover, you easily find true riches within yourself and within others. Then, when you share the riches, you create a network of amazing awareness. Kym Loc

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'Band of Brothers'
*We few, we happy, we band of brothers, for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother. -Shakespeare*

This 24 by 24" canvas gives a foundation of unwavering allegiance as old glory waves above the prominent mountains. This American Flag gives the essence of protection and comfort as the vigilant blue creates a blanket for the stars to shine. These celestial bodies represent the bravery of all the men and women who are serving and have served our country. As a white moon peeks from behind the mountain it highlights blood red stripes of valor along the innocent white stripes of purity. These bands expand the canvas creating a confident and loyal sunset. 3 portraits of humanly shaped trees, a band of brothers, one saluting, support each other showing the bond of mutual understanding that patriotism is confident in all of our hearts. –Kym Loc

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* Don't let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your piece. -Unknown  *

The crown around the porcelain colored moon on this 30 by
40" acrylic painting, illuminates the Sandia Mountain range silhouette.
The luminous glow fades into darkness and creates a blanket for stars to
glimmer. This landscape creates a back drop for 5 distinct human trees. Each
tree is highlighted with a different color to show diversity of humanity, yet
their roots are entangled to form a foundation of unity and their branches
embrace each other to show community.

This painting was created in 2016 and painted live at the
International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta  in
Albuquerque New Mexico. The mass amount of onlooker’s from around the world helped
choose colors,  the background and how
many trees. What an exciting time to have so many people help create this
piece.  -Kym Loc

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'Three Faces'
* The Japanese say you have 3 faces. The 1st face you show to the world. The 2nd face you show to your friends and family. The 3rd face you never show to anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are. -unknown  *

On this considerable 60 by 48" canvas, auburn acrylic paint unites with a velvety white to create an alluring backdrop for a triplet of trees. The intertwining of these trees, represents our inner conflictions.  They are created by using a base of dark brown, then layering the same auburn and white as to create texture. At the base of this cluster of trees, one trunk separates into our three trunks that grow into our 'faces' where they are crowned with deep auburn. A gold moon peeks from behind the trees, highlighting the tops of the foliage just enough to tickle them with gold. Painted on the left lower corner is a Japanese symbol meaning "Three Faces". It is to remind us to live in harmony within ourselves. –Kym Loc

* *
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(Excerpt from Kym's blog, "Community") Reactions like these are what humbly inspires me to continue creating what I love and compels me to continue sharing my work with this amazing community. -Kym Loc
The colors used to make this 24x36” painting, blend together to create a lustrous rainbow sunset. The paint used  create a kaleidoscope sky is  much like the diversity of the community we live in, which change hues when it is illuminated from different directions. A variety of people's beliefs add a collective curiosity to create a diverse palette of appreciation, while the same moral fiber that runs through us all, bringing us closer in a mutual understanding of humanity. This prismatic sunset provides a colorful backdrop for two intertwining trees which are highlighted by the same changing colors that surround them. A labyrinth of branches coil around the sun with four sets of rays that arise from the celestial star. They represent the Zia Pueblo’s sacred circle of life. The group of rays extending to the left of the sun serve as the four times of day. The four seasons are represented at the top and the four stages of life are embodied on the right. The bottom four rays illustrate the four directions. Every living soul endures this circle of life, making us realize we are not that different from each other and with that awareness we should create a community of congeniality. –Kym Loc

* *
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Whenever you find yourself doubting

How far you can go, just remember

How far you have come.

Remember everything you have faced,

The battles you have won,

And all the fears you have


* *
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Never regret a day in your life: Good days give you happiness, bad days give you experience, worse days give you lessons and the best days give you memories. -Unknown
Seven canvases are hinged together to create this elongated 28x4" painting. Each canvas is fully covered with color changing paint. Each panel changes color with a different shift in light and is a representation of the energy that each of us possess.  The top panel of violet is a representation of your spiritual connection to the world and shifts into an indigo.  The next canvas is painted indigo to represent your imagination. This indigo color changes into silver.  The blue panel below, which shifts into a purple, is to reminder you have the ability for self-expression. Green is for the compassion you possess for all living things. This green flashes highlights of gold when light reflects in a different way.  The next is yellow. It is a very rewarding energy because it is the freedom to be yourself. This too, is highlighted with a gold tinge.  The peach changing orange represents your hunger and ability to be creative. Red is the determination to survive and shifts into a pink. A solitary shadow of a human stands in oneness with all energies with a light essence of changing color painted on her to bring all together.  A swirl of gold paint connects all panels and brings together the four gold metal corner brackets which provide protection. A gold colored chain is connected on the top to use for hanging and a tassel hangs from the bottom. It is created with 7 chains and is adorned with three pendants. One of the pendants is a lotus flower representing the purity you are born with. One is the third eye which sees all things.   And the third is the hand of Buddha, holding it all together.   The energy given off by this painting will bring peace to wherever it is presented. –Kym Loc

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When you can tell your story and it doesn't make
you cry, you know you are healed. -unknown

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Nothing is more important than empathy for another human being's suffering. Not career, not wealth, not intelligence, certainly not status. We have to feel for one another if we're going to survive with dignity.  -Audrey Hepburn

A 36 by 36" ebony background
is a bewitching cloak for this un-escorted tree to showcase her character of her
caring. She is crowned by a wine colored a celestial body. This moon blooms
into a violet orb of night when light is reflected in a different direction.
Far off mountains highlight her roots with the same enlightening hue. Her body
is textured with innocent white, charming black and an illuminating color
changing red. These colors travel to her branches which reach out to spread
compassion to others. They are adorned with wisps of gold and red flora to
remind us that having and showing dignity is beautiful. -Kym Loc

* *
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'Susan's Shore'
'Susan's Shore'
This painting is dedicated to the woman who supported me through,
not just the good times, but the trials too. Thank you. -Kym Loc
4x4" Acrylic on Canvas
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* Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. –J.K. Rowling *

A paver stone was painted with a polycrylic sealant to
create a base for a circular sunset. The sunset was created by painting a
yellow center and then blending the yellow into orange then into a red. The red
blends into purple, then blue and finally a green which surrounds the base of
the trunks of two trees. These two tree silhouettes flow with each other and
their branches reach the stones edge yet creates a welcoming scene. The painting
comes with the easel and gives an encouraging essence of brightness is added to
any room where this is displayed.

This piece was created to show and encourage the Veterans I
teach during my art class to find beauty in everything they see and to
encourage them to realize that the hard, "rock bottom" place is the
perfect place to start building from.

I teach #KymsArtClass
at our local Veterans Administration. This was the first class I taught and
loved the variety of people and talents that participated. I took this paver
stone from my front yard, put a base coat on it and created the background as
well as the tree, from left over latex house paint. I used products that anyone
can easily access, to motivate creativity and to use art to heal.
#InspireSomeoneInspireYourself –Kym Loc

* *
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'What You're Made Of'
* Finding the inner strength to *
* accept whatever comes your way. *
-Kym Loc
48x24" Acrylic on Canvas
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'Permission' Trust yourself enough to let go, shift, and uproot. Give yourself
permission to shed who you used to be. You are allowed to start over and  find new ways to bloom into your best self. -Alex Elle

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"Self Portrait" 2018 Acrylic on Wood, 2018

When you step into your power and your
true authentic self, you shine. You shine
so brightly that the world tries to keep up.
-Shannon Kaiser

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Encounter Sometimes our light goes out, But if blown again into instant Flame by an encounter with Another human being.

-unknown 24x48" Acrylic Neon on Canvas
625.00 625.0 USD
'Unlimited Power'
* 'Unlimited Power' It's your unlimited power to care and to love that*
*can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life. *-Tony Robbins
20x48" Acrylic on Canvas Triptych

*  *
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